Nillkin CamShield Magnetic Silicone MagSafe Apple iPhone 14 Plus purple

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Nillkin CamShield Silky Silicone Case magnetic MagSafe cover with camera cover Nillkin CamShield Silky Silicone Case is a silicone cover that protects your smartphone from damage. The highest quality material from which the case is made ensures not only exceptional durability, but also a secure grip. In addition, the case is equipped with a sliding cover for the camera. Thanks to the end cap, it is protected against scratches. It is also an additional plus for people who value privacy and data security. The covered camera prevents access to video recording in the event that an unauthorized person gains remote access to the phone. The inside of the cover is lined with a layer of microfiber to protect the back cover. All these elements protect the equipment when it falls (absorbing the impact force) and protect it from accidental scratches or dirt. Specification: Brand: Nillkin Model: CamShield Silky Silicone Case Convenient wireless charging The case is equipped with a number of strong magnets that enable wireless charging and the use of MagSafe magnetic accessories such as a wallet or powerbank. Camera protection There is a camera shutter on the back of the cover. When you want to record a video or take a photo, all you have to do is slide the cap to reveal the lens. It's nice to touch! The silicone from which the cover is made is pleasant to the touch and guarantees a firm grip of the equipment. Protection from within The case is flexible and absorbs possible shocks. In addition, its interior has been lined with a delicate microfiber that supports the protection of the smartphone. Refined in every inch The accessory has integrated buttons, precise cutouts for ports and raised edges around the screen and camera lens for even more comfortable use.